SanjeevaniI Vastra

Why Sanjeevani Vastra?

Embracing nature and ayurveda is always a no-brainer. The side-e­ffects free ayurveda can contribute immensely to the overall wellness and healthy status of human body and mind. The organic cotton used in these clothing materials provides improved level of smoothness, soft feel and reaction-free clothing experience. The organic cotton when dyed with natural herb works as a perfect treatment for various skin allergies and diseases. Various herbals used in the processing of the material can create a protective layer around the user to ward o­ various toxic items from the surrounding environment and keep the user in the safe zone.This is the best choice for people with sensitive skins and allergic reactions to certain clothing materials. Sanjeevani Vastra is compatible with all types of skins and never causes any irritations or allergies to the user.Ayurveda Vastra improves the confidence of the user as it protects the body with a positive aura all along.Using Sajeevani Vastra makes you an environment-friendly consumer. All the materials, e­fforts and process going into creating Sanjeevani Vastra are environment friendly and thus using the Sanjeevani Vastra makes you an active participant and proponent of Go Green initiative as well

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