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Herbal Dye Ayurveda, the 4000 years old Indian system of medicine is now a globally accepted science because it is the world's most eco-friendly system of medicine, since it does not use any material unfriendly to the ecosystem. During the Vedic period itself we have got references mentioning the proper­ ties of several herbal based dyestuff used centuries ago. There are references in different texts of ayurveda quoting examples of wearing pure cotton clothes processed with herbs like chandana, haridra usheera, manjista, nimba aragwadha etc to protect the body from different climates and to keep the body healthy. They kept the clothes clean with herbal products like soap-nut, lime etc even before soaps and detergents were discovered. These methods kept them healthy and their clothes were strong and everlasting. When the cotton cloths are processed with the medicinal herbs instead of synthetic dyes and chemicals, the cloth imparts anti-bacterial, anti­ inflammatory, anti-puritic and anti-oxidant properties of the drugs into the body. Dyeing By using numerous herbs for dyeing and processing of yarn and fabric for herbal cloth production. For herbal cloth production using a particular method, extracts of selected herbs are used for dyeing and processing of Cotton / Silk / Linen, yarn and fabric. No synthetic/ chemical dyes are used in any stage of Herbal cloth production. For washing and cleaning purpose we recommend the nut or nut powder of Sapindus Laurifolia. Advantages of herbal textile
  • We are avoiding the use of 1/3rd pound of lethal chemicals known to be used in making of 1 shirt.
  • We breathe through our body more than we do through nose in chemical dyed textiles with those carcinogenic amines and chemicals which are allergic and dangerous to human skin.
  • We have only 0.6 % surface water in world at our disposal and can be used constructively
  • Because of using Medicinal Herbs, the fabrics also have a lot of therapeutic value, thus, the fabric has been found very helpful for people suffering from ailments like Skin allergies, Breathing problems, sleeping disorders, Blood pressure etc.
  • The colors are unique and cannot be duplicated with any dyes, thus new shades are developed every time.
  • Highly promoted agriculture.
  • Balances the Ecology cycle completely.
  • Waste can be used as manure.
  • Made Bulk production a possibility through innovative tech.

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